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I now own the following foils I recieved as 2008 World Champion. I just wanted to put the word out there that some of them will be sold on Ebay while others may not. Lets face it, I'm more of a player than a collector. That being said, I cannot stress it enough that I may not give any up if the price isnt right (and on ebay I WILL use the Reserve option). Every foil was immediately placed in a sleeve and a Hard plastic top loader.

Until they get posted I'm willing to take offers for them privately. In order of how willing I am to give them up:

0P83 Chula: The Dice dAgent Exclusive Foil
0D8 Collapse Anti-Time Anomaly Foil
0P81 No Kill I dAgent Exclusive Foil
0P73 Jean Luc Picard: Explorer Foil
0P71 Dukat Foil
0D19 Agonizing Encounter Foil
0P74 Gowron: Leader of the High Council Foil
0D26 Togaran Foil
0D25 Serova: Warp Field Theorist Foil
0D23 Arridor: "Great Sage" Foil
0P80 Destiny Reset Foil
0P36 Desperate Sacrifice Foil
0P37 Mission Accomplished Foil
0D22 Getting Under your Skin Foil
0P38 Morik Foil
0D24 Nel Apgar: Temperamental Researcher Foil
0P78 Protect the Escapees Foil
0P75 Amnesty Talks Foil
0P77 Investigate Alien Probe Foil
0P76 Fissure Research Foil
0P35 Abduction Foil
0P82 Earth: Lush and Beautiful Home Foil

0P24 In the Pah-Wraith's Wake Foil - NOTE: this is same as Mugato's (Jared's) copy. Only 5 given out/in circulation (I own 2 of them) and is the least likely of me to give up. So I would bid high and often on his since I know RedDwarf (James) wont be giving his up and I'd rather hold onto my copy also.

When a card is put on ebay I will make a notation on this thread along with a link.
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Update: i've been informed that this piece of information is important: The agonizing encounter foil is the ESSEN EXCLUSIVE foil. Meaning its only one of 2 copies that i've ever heard about and was *supposed* to be destroyed.
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Update: After some discussion with my better half - I've decided that ALL the cards listed are for sale though I will still hold rather than sell if the price isnt right. If you are interested in purchasing the whole lot - lock, stock and Barrel - contact me to negotiate a price. Otherwise all the cards will go up on ebay within the next couple weeks.

MSN: jagermister21@hotmail
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